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The children’s story, Fleetfoot Fox Catches a Cold, by Christy Klincewicz is an absolutely delightful book.  I was first enthralled with the bright, striking  illustrations.  They are creative and clever and imbue the book with a cheerful charm that  immediately caught my heart and attention. Once I turned my focus to the story, I was equally impressed.  It is engaging and told in a language that speaks to children without condescending to them.  Our little protagonist, Fleetwood Fox, is an enchanting character and all those he meets on his journey are equally endearing.  Best of all, my 2.5 year old grand-niece simply adores the book and it is now her favorite bedtime read.  In her informed opinion, “this is the best book I have”.  For a little girl who has literally hundreds of books, this is quite an endorsement!  

Debbie Larsen,

psychotherapist, business director, and avid reader

A work of heart.

Grab your magical copy!

     Meet Dewberry, a Woodland Sprite and Fleetfoot, a baby fox.  When Fleetfoot catches a cold and loses his way in the forest, Dewberry teaches him how to find his way home even though he can’t smell!

      With her pouch full of Sparkle Drops, this whimsical sprite will take you on a delightful adventure through the Woodland Forest. 

      A gurgling river, honking geese, humming honeybees and a little sparkle drop magic turn tears and sneezes into giggles and tickles!

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Magical and "picture perfect," this story will warm your heart and tickle your fancy at the same time.  The forest and its friends come to life through the vivid imagery and poetic language in this very endearing tale of Fleetfoot Fox.


San Diego

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"Fleetfoot Fox Sneezes" note cards

Set of 6 4x6 blank cards

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About Christy

     As a child I loved wandering through the enchanted kingdom of “Once Upon a Time” where everything was possible.  I grew up to become a teacher of young children and saw that they had the same love for visiting the magic land of stories.


    I learned the power of words in crafting a ship that could transport us beyond our everyday experiences and bring healing to the pain of bumping up against daily realities.


      Joy is the underlying current on which my stories set sail.  Humor, kindness, beauty, wonder and magic, the gentle winds that carry the ship along.


      I have always loved creating visual images.  For me, to tell a story is to see it.  The story images come to life through my playful and colorful illustrations.  As Dewberry says,  “What fun”!


     Joy and fun are contagious.  I hope you catch them through reading my stories!

     I grew up in the Mid-West. I loved being outdoors for I felt a deep connection to the nature spirits. I always knew that one day I would write stories and illustrate them.


    I earned a degree in biology then traveled to the Greek Islands and painted. 


   Now I teach Early Childhood at the Waldorf School of San Diego. Everyday the children ask, “Tell us a story.”  And I do. 

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